Akanista is based in the heart of London (Euston/Warren Street), North London (Northwood Hills), Watford (Carpenters Park) and Buckinghamshire (Gerrards Cross). Established in 2010 by Karuna, a former Buddhist monk and Nitima, an integrative therapist, Akanista quickly acquired the reputation for being one of the most authentic Mindfulness service providers in and around London.

We understand that living in an increasingly demanding work and family-life can be challenging and stress is unavoidable. However, there is hope. Scientists have discovered a 2600 years old Buddhist meditation called 'Mindfulness' can help you:

  • become less stressful and anxious
  • manage time and increase efficiency
  • have more fulfilling and happier life

Our intention is to equip you - in the midst of chaos - the knowledge and techniques of Mindfulness so you can:

  • manage stress, anxiety,
  • cope with depression,
  • improve sleep
  • become more resilient and focused
  • increase creativity and performance

We work with individuals on 1-2-1 basis, groups, families and also corporate companies. If you like to try first, please book one of our free taster sessions soon or subscribe for a free recording. If you like to join one of our courses or retreats, please book one soon. Places are limited.

Mindfulness can benefit your employees to be more productive and efficient. If you like us to offer a presentation at your workplace, please get in touch with us so we can contact your HR department and take this further.