It has completely changed my life! I am able to step back and think what is life.

― Maha Mancassola | Business Owner

Extraordinarily valuable and profoundly affected my daily life

— Chiara | Independent Media Production Professional

I am taking this opportunity to convey just how much I have both enjoyed and gained from my Mindfulness course. Karuna and Nitima provided me with an amazing experience of well-being. The provision of the tools which enables me to develop a coping strategy has been empowering. I have been provided with a simple philosophy that enabled me to address issues, which in the past would have presented me with considerable challenges.

― Nikki Chivers | Development & Social Enterprise Manager

Akanista meditation classes have shown me a simple yet highly effective way of becoming calmer and focused in my day to day life. The recordings that are provided at the end of each class are helping me practise the techniques on a daily basis. All in all, very useful class and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to bring more calmness in their lives.

― Bhargav Dave | Search Account Manager

Karuna is a wonderful meditation teacher. I practised meditation for sometime before joining his classes, but found myself going in circles. With his guidance I have made positive developments in mindfulness which have extended beyond my meditation and into my everyday life.

― Natalie Nolte | Designer at Sotheby’s

Karuna devised a meditation course for a group of people, like me, who had little or no experience in this practice. His teachings were extraordinarily valuable and profoundly affected my daily life. He was inventive with his approach, and patient. I thought he was truly talented.

― Chiara Messineo | Independent Media Production Professional

I first came at Karuna`s course without knowing what to expect, as a complete beginner into meditation and his complete guide into mindfulness and meditation was a life changer for me.

― Alina Sandu | Personal Assistant (PA)

Karuna Priya provides a very calm, caring and safe environment in which to begin to learn some of the various aspects and practices of mindfulness meditation. I have found him to be very flexible and accommodating and always available with advice and guidance.

― Tanya Clements | Mother

One of many awakening experiences that I have learnt in just a few weeks is the word ‘mindfulness’ and for me I think this is the first step we needed to recognise and be aware of in order to move through our journey. I would truly like to thank you both so much for given me the opportunity of a life time with the 8 week course of mindfulness mediation along with some of Nitima’s tapping EFT. It has completely changed my life !!

― Maha Mancassola| Restaurant Business Owner